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Patriots T-ShirtsThis will probably be our last Patriots/Giants Super Bowl story, but we are going out with a bang. Remember those “19-0″ shirts that were printed up before the Giants dashed those thoughts? Well, they have found a home… in Nicaragua.

Because they were donated to the World Vision charity, the premature shirts have been shipped to destitute children in a small Nicaraguan village. The first shipments were received yesterday:

The recipients were the smiling children at a school in the San Gregorio neighborhood in the town of Diriamba.

The 290 shirts and caps with the Pats logo were handed out by aid workers.

“We are very grateful,” said Tesarlia Flores, principal of the town’s school.

Some of the kids wound up swimming in the shirts, since many were XXX-large in order to fit the players.

“I like this a lot,” said one little girl. “We never thought we would receive shirts from professional American football players.”

So there you go Patriots fans. Your team’s surprising Super Bowl ineptitude is doing the world some good. And isn’t that why we watch, play, and document sports? To make the world a better place? Maybe Bill Simmons can find some comfort in this…