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Lions Down

I’ve let this particular subject fallow some while the worst teams in the NFL position themselves. While the nominees have been pretty clear since the first week, a couple of the teams decided they’d like to see what winning a football game was like and so they did.

Right now, Detroit is the only winless team in the NFL, making them the clear choice for this little designation — but that doesn’t mean the other candidates are head-and-shoulders above the Lions. Who knows, maybe Daunte Culpepper is just what Detroit needs. The following teams represent the lowest rungs in the NFL:

1. Detroit Lions
2. Cincinnati Bengals
3. Kansas City Chiefs
4. St Louis Rams
5. Oakland Raiders
6. San Francisco 49ers
7. Seattle Seahawks

But which one is the worst? Detroit obviously stands out, but are they any worse than the Chiefs or Raiders? Seeing how the Lions have actually scored more points than both teams, what makes one think either the Raiders or the Chiefs could beat the Lions? And what about the Bengals? Sure, they got their first win of season yesterday, but is anyone convinced a Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Cincinnati team is somehow better than Detroit or St Louis?

The fact is, there are more not-very-good teams in the NFL than there are good ones. Besides the Titans and Giants, the rest of the NFL has had good weeks and bad weeks — except for the Lions, of course. There are 10 teams with 4-4 or worse records not counting the 7 teams listed above.

That’s 17 teams at or below the .500 mark, just over half of the NFL. Is this parity or mediocrity?