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NFL Training Camp

The NFL opens their collective training camps this week, so those of you waiting impatiently for football to make it’s glorious fall return, you only have a few weeks to wait until preseason. While only two teams actually opens their doors today — the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles — today is considered the official start of the NFL’s training portion of the offseason.

And just in case you want to see Jason Taylor in his new digs before the season starts, the Washington Redskins opened up their camp this past Saturday.

So what are some of the stories to be aware of as we move closer and closer to the actual season? Will the aforementioned Jason Taylor make a splash in Washington or was this another misguided move on Daniel Snyder’s part? In Georgetown, Kentucky, folks have to be wondering about Chad Johnson. Will he actually make a commitment to Bengals or is he just in camp to avoid being fined? What about the Patriots? Was last year the pinnacle for the franchise — regular season, anyway — or can they keep their stranglehold over the AFC and actually finish the deal this time or was the Giants game a sign of things to come?

Will Peyton Manning’s knee be OK? What about Marvin Harrison’s legal record? Will Jessica Simpson continue to doom Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys or has her apparent bad luck gone away?

Oh yeah. Let’s not forget about that Favre fellow, either. While I’m enjoying watching media members fight it out about all things Favre, I, like most every other blog comment I’ve read discussing the matter, am tired of the NFL’s Favre and Pony show. Where will his release requests (hostage demands) lead this story? Will the Packers trade their prodigal son or will both parties STFU come to some kind of amicable agreement and end this madness or will it continue on until the trading deadline is upon us?

Stay tuned because it’s just getting started.