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Jason Taylor Attacks!!!NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced the NFL will once again be sending two more teams back across the Atlantic for another regular season game during the 2008 season.

The teams participating have not been announced, but maybe the British fans will get a better game than the Miami Dolphins versus the New York Giants.

Speaking of, can anyone forget Channing Crowder’s brilliance when the Dolphins were preparing to go to London?

Hopefully, we’ll get some more gems this time around… of course, if the NFL was concerned about comments like Crowder’s, couldn’t they perhaps, you know, educate their players on where it is they will be playing?

Or they could just send another giant Jason Taylor robot over there and have it attack the Houses of Parliament, Cloverfield style.

The details, including participating teams and location of the game, are expected to be finalized during Super Bowl week, which is only one week away… from next Monday. Man, I really hate the two-week layoff…