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Otherwise known as the “No Cheerleaders” division — except for Minnesota. I guess that’s why I’m leading with them; well, that and Purple Jesus. Due to time constraints, these will be a little shorter than the previous division previews.

Minnesota Vikings

Purple Jesus

Everybody knows about Adrian “Purple Jesus” Peterson and while he represents the image of the Vikings, he’s not the reason they’ll succeed this season. Yes, if the Vikings have a great season, Peterson will feature prominently, but the play of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson will be what makes or breaks Minnesota’s season. They have a potent defense that will only be stronger with the addition of Jared Allen; a good offensive line, adept skill players and of course, the savior of the franchise.

In order for this season to be successful, Jackson will have to do his best Trent Dilfer impression — that is, don’t make mistakes and let your defense and all-world running back win the game. We’ll be watching you, Tarvaris.

10-6 and the NFC Norse division title.

Hottest Vikings Cheerleader
The Vikings are the only team in the NFC North to have cheerleaders and we are happy to introduce Kristina.


Obviously, the Vikings know something the other teams don’t.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers Neighborhood

Welcome to your first year without Brett Favre in like 40 years, Packer fans. We can refer to this little stretch of time as AB — After Brett. In year one AB, all eyes will be on Aaron Rodgers, Favre’s replacement and rightfully so. If you are used to something and it abruptly changes, people will notice. Fortunately for Rodgers, he’s not doing this alone.

The Packers are coming off one of their most successful modern seasons and save Favre, the team remains intact. Good running game with Ryan Grant, good receivers in Greg Jennings and Donald Driver and a potent defense. If Rodgers can avoid making the big mistake, the Packers shouldn’t miss a beat.

10-6 but losing the tie-breaker to Minnesota.

Hottest Packers Cheerleader
None, so here’s a picture of the Packer Bikini Girls.

Packers Bikini Girls

The Packers need some hotter fans that aren’t afraid of images being posted on the Internet. Just sayin’.

Detroit Lions

John Kitna

No John Kitna guarantees going into the season, so hopefully, the Lions won’t be feeling any pressure to perform. Featuring a potentially potent offense and defense no one is sure about, the Lions have the makings of a true 8-8 team. Not too good, not too bad in all facets of the game. However, in relation to the Lions, it’s one good facet (the offense) and one unknown (the defense). Until both sides of the ball are regarded as good, it’s going to be hard to much more than 8-8.

But, on a team that features Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, newly-acquired Rudi Johnson, rookie Kevin Smith (replacing the now-departed Kevin Jones) and a good offensive line, the Lions can score a lot of points and that should lead them to more than a couple of wins.


Chicago Bears

Brian Urlacher

Good defense and a bad offense. Which side of the ball will win out? Can the defense lead the team back to the playoffs or will the Bears be done in by poor quarterback play? Leading the team onto the field will be Kyle Orton. Is he the one that can lead the Bears offense out of it’s depths? Even if the Bears don’t have a lot of offensive weapons? Can Mike Brown actually stay healthy for a season, considering how much better the Bears defense is when he’s on the field?

These are just some of the questions the Bears have to answer if they are going to have a good season. Seeing just how limited the offense is, it’s hard to see the Bears doing anything more than 7-9.

And they don’t have any cheerleaders either.

Next up, the NFC West.