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Well, the cancellation of the latest negotiations meeting between the NFL and Players Union is a cold water splash in the face of all of the fans of professional football.  Make no mistake about this folks – there is going to be an NFL lockout and it’s going to affect next season.  It wouldn’t shock me if it lasted into next season.

Your loss.  It’s a big one, too.

The 2010 NFL Season will be remembered as one chock-full of it’s usual level of excitement, controversy, surprises and one that ended with a very exciting Superbowl XVL.  The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in a game fit to be called – SUPER.

It already seems like ages ago given what is confronting every football fan in the world.

The NFL Lockout is upon us and there isn’t a damned thing you can do to stop the madness.  As we sit back and watch the billionaires ratchet-up their battle with the multi-millionaires, I can’t help but not care any less about them fighting over a billion-dollar gap in their negotiations.  What do I care about?  I care about all those people whose lives depend on their employment – those that don’t get $20-million signing bonuses and a game check that is worth more than most will earn in a decade.  You don’t notice those people, but they’re all around you.  They’re the people who work in and around the stadium (security teams, vendors, maintenance crews)… the people who work in the restaurants if you’re fortunate enough to have one of those newer palatial estates owned by the billionaires and paid for primarily by your tax dollars in many cities… and think of all of the local businesses in and around the stadiums and beyond where fans of all sorts funnel in on game day or game night.  I’ve seen estimates that put the losses for the NFL cities during the NFL lockout at somewhere between $100-million and $200-million in revenue.

Professional football is the wealthiest sport in all of history and the NFL an organization that is bathing in riches.  Even during the worst economy in most of our lifetimes, the NFL, its owners, and certainly the players have been making more than their fair share of millions.

It’s apparently not enough for some.  The owners are going to give the passionate fans of the NFL universe a big, fat f**k-you to every single one of us with this NFL lockout.  They apparently need at least $1-billion more in concessions from the NFL players while offering them, in exchange, extending their violent, hazardous workload by an additional 2-games.

Who wouldn’t jump at that sort of fair-mindedness?  (Picture me grimacing in pain as I severely sprain my eyes rolling them.)

No matter how you feel about the dedication of the NFL fans and how much of their time they spend doing things that revolve around the sport of professional football – the reality is that it is our money that has filled their pockets, their mattresses, and their bank accounts beyond over-flowing.  While I have no doubt that the issues may seem important to them, there are 100-million fans or so who are so callously disregarded as each side draws their lines in the sand.

How unbelievably pathetic.

You had better start making your alternative plans now for the late summer and fall.  There are a whole lot of parties that won’t take place.  There are a innumerable meetings at the local bar & restaurant that won’t happen.  Lord only knows when you should think about scheduling your fantasy football drafts.

Of course, maybe a year without NFL football is a good thing.  Think of all of the other productive endeavors you could undertake every Sunday?  Nah.  I don’t really wanna think about it, but I know the NFL lockout is coming.  It’s unavoidable.