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Jenn Brown

Obviously, the guys at Showtime know something the guys at HBO do not: sex/eye candy/skin sells quite well with the male demographic. Hence the hiring of Jenn Brown on the recently-resurrected-by-Showtime Inside the NFL.

Besides Bob Costas, Brown represents one of the few non-NFL personalities on the popular football wrap-up. She also represents the first woman to join the crew. Brown will be joining Cris Collinsworth, James Brown, Phil Simms and Warren “With the Stars” Sapp. Judging by her portfolio resume, it’s easy to see why Showtime was so eager to hire her.

Jenn Brown

Will she be the Jillian Barberie to Sapp’s Terry Bradshaw or is her role comprised of more than that? Judging by her MySpace, she’s obviously fond of her long, flowing, blond hair. Brown shares her thoughts on the hire:

“As a sports lover and former athlete, I was overjoyed to team up with the men of Inside The NFL,” said Brown. “I am looking forward to giving a female’s perspective on this season’s games and storylines. I am thrilled to be joining a show that has achieved great success and has celebrated an acclaimed history in sports programming.”

It would be fitting if the Jenn Stergers and Jenn Browns of the world paid Erin Andrews a little respect as they raise themselves out of those obscure sports beats for the big league assignments, don’t you think? Perhaps they could show some love to Melissa Stark while they are at it.

More images of Jenn (click to enlarge):

Jenn Brown Jenn Brown Jenn Brown?

What do you think of Showtime’s newest hire?