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The cost of commercials during Sunday’s Super Bowl is always a point of discussion. This year, the going rate is around $3 million for 30 seconds and because of the economy woes, some companies are a little gun shy about participating. Naturally, a beer company found a creative way around these money issues: Miller Beer’s 1-second commercials featuring the delivery driver sports fans know so well.

These 1-second spots are seen as a knock towards Anheuser-Busch, who have a long history of Super Bowl commercials. The strategy behind these ads goes like this:

“Miller High Life is all about high quality and great value, so it wouldn’t make sense for this brand to pay $3 million for a 30-second ad,” High Life Senior Brand Manager Kevin Oglesby said in a statement. “Just like our consumers, High Life strives to make smart choices. One second should be plenty of time to remind viewers that Miller High Life is common sense in a bottle.”

Over at Miller’s site, they have all 24 spots archived for your enjoyment. Some seem like they are a little longer than one second, but that’s hardly the point. The fact is, Miller is getting 24 ads and since the commercials clock in at under 30 seconds combined, they avoided the $3 million price tag–by about $600,000.

Speaking of ads, AdWeek has a preview of some of the Super Bowl commercials you will see on Sunday.