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Miles Austin Eyes
H/t to KSK for the pic

See what I’m saying about Miles Austin? He such a freakazoid, he has mouths for eyes. If that’s not freaky enough, take a look at his output in the last two games for the Cowboys: 16 catches, 421 yards, 4 touchdowns. Again, in two games. That, friends, comprises a season for some receivers, if not a career. With Austin, however, you get the feeling that he’s just getting started on what could be a very lucrative, explosive stay in the NFL — especially if defensive secondaries don’t start doing a better job of at least trying to cover him. While his game against the Atlanta Falcons wasn’t quite as eye-popping as his game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Austin was still the best receiver on the field.

No offense to Roddy White, either.

Here’s one of Austin’s two touchdown catches against the Falcons:

In case you weren’t aware, Austin was an undrafted free agent who signed with the Cowboys in 2006. I think it’s safe to say Austin is coming into his own as a Cowboy. According to Wikipedia, there were 33 wide receivers drafted in 2006, none of them named Austin, Miles. Taking a quick glance, there are three receivers that stand out — in hindsight — as being smart choices ahead of Austin: Santonio Holmes, Brandon Marshall, and Greg Jennings. Marques Colston was a seventh round pick, so the Saints got value there, but by and large, everybody simply missed on Dallas’ new receiving gem.

Do you think somebody like Todd Haley for Kansas City or Jack Del Rio for Jacksonville wouldn’t love an opportunity to put Austin on the field for their sputtering offenses? The answer — especially after 400-plus yards and 4 touchdowns in two games — is pretty clear.