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While Mike Vick enjoys his yard work in Leavenworth, Kansas, the dogs that played a roll in his extended vacation are preparing to meet the press and the rest of the world this afternoon.

Vick's Pitts

Accompanied by BAD RAP, a non-profit that rescues Pit Bulls, five of the dogs rescued from Vick’s property will be shown to the media in Oakland, California (11am PST). Joining the rescued animals will be Jarrod Cooper of the Oakland Raiders, an acknowledged animal lover who will be doing his part to distance the NFL from Vick’s actions.

Vick Pitt

The dogs will be appearing in order to bring awareness to the plight they faced when placed in situations found at Vick’s trying-to-be-hard sounding “Bad Newz Kennels.” The fact these dogs were rescued and rehabilitated so quickly speaks volumes about the BAD RAP’s ability.

Of the 49 dogs rescued, BAD RAP determined 48 were safe for adoption.

At their site, BAD RAP has a QuickTime slide-show of the dogs and for me being the dog lover that I am, it definitely tugged at the heart strings. It also helped with my choice in respect to Casa D’Ice restaurant sign a little more:

Casa D'Ice