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Ashley Stewart

This lovely lady’s name is Ashley Stewart and she is suing the Chiefs running back for an incident at a Kansas City nightclub — but was it this one or this one?

Actually, it was drink-spitting episode but they both were so close together, it’s hard to tell the two incidents apart. Stewart is apparently the one Johnson spit the drink at (and threatened to kill her boyfriend) and so a former Woman of KU is suing LJ for what seems like mental cruelty for being involved.

“She has been subjected to not only the initial incident, but the humiliation that stemmed from that,” [Stewart’s lawyer, Kirra N. Jones] said. “Basically, what we seek to do is to hold Larry Johnson responsible for his actions and hopefully send a message to him and the community that this is not going to continue.”

This story is currently making the rounds across the sports blogosphere, mainly because of her Women of KU images.

Ashley Stewart

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Besides this current situation, Johnson also has to deal with charges related to him stiff-arming a patron, also at a Kansas City nightclub — although, it’s doubtful the accused in that case is as attractive as Stewart.

Otherwise, the Internet would’ve blown up with pictures of her, much it did with Stewart this morning.