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Marvin Harrison

By now, you all heard about the initial hubbub surrounding Marvin Harrison and a shooting incident that took place outside of a bar owned by the Colts receiver. While the details surrounding the incident are sketchy at best (who shot at who, why did Harrison hide the gun at his car wash, is there a much bigger story here), we now know Harrison has denied being involved in what happened outside of the his bar.

There are so many questions surrounding this “case,” it’s hard to find a sufficient starting point. First off, why and how did Marvin Harrison’s agent, Tom Condon, get so much control over how this story was presented? Is ESPN now in the habit of letting agents call the shots for sports leagues they’ve countless millions tied into? What about other media outlets. How did Condon strong-arm them into reframing the story?

Other questions include:

- Do the police have a suspect?

- Why didn’t the person who got shot speak-up about the shooter? Are they afraid of reprisals?

- If the bullets match his gun and it was found at a place of business owned by Harrison, how is he NOT a suspect?

- Is this not one of the more surprising stories about a professional athlete, perhaps ever?

As it stands, besides the Harrison and Condon denials, there’s nothing really new to report on this story besides some alleged American Gangster-like behavior on Harrison’s part, something that we’ll never hear the whole side of… Unless Harrison really is guilty and cops some kind of plea that requires complete elocution.

However, in this day and age, I highly doubt that ever happens.