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Marshawn Lynch

Hasselbeck loves it

And that, folks, is how a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team absolutely shocks the defending Super Bowl champions: Four touchdown passes from a celebrating Matt Hasselbeck and a 67-yard touchdown run from one of the more enjoyable players in football, Marshawn Lynch. The phrase “beast mode” has always been associated with Lynch, or “beef mode,” if you will — because of his jeweled fronts –and after his eye-popping, game-sealing touchdown, which included a devastating stiff arm that bowled Tracy Porter over so much, he was rendered useless, Lynch was clearly in complete beast, or beef mode (depending on your preference).

And without him, it’s doubtful the Seahawks would’ve been able to hold off Drew Brees and his gunslinging ways as the Saint fought to avoid being sent home. This, of course, means there will be no repeat of Super Bowl champions, so let us prepare to welcome our new ruler of the NFL universe, whichever team it might be (New England).

And that, friends, is how you stop somebody from trying to make a weak tackle: You knock them on their ass.

As for the unexpected winners, where do the Seahawks go from here? Unfortunately, their opponent won’t be known until this afternoon. If the Green Bay Packers beats the Philadelphia Eagles, the Packers would play the Atlanta Falcons and the Seahawks would get the Chicago Bears. If the Eagles win, Seattle would play the Falcons.

Can the Seahawks keep this magical mystery ride going? Well, if Hasselbeck continues to throw for four touchdowns and Marshawn Lynch stays in beast mode and pushes every tackler out of the way like they were Tracy Porter, who knows what could happen?