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Mark Sanchez

A couple of days after being hit in the mouth by Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens defense, Mark Sanchez has been rewarded for surviving his baptism-by-fire by being named the regular season starting quarterback for the New York Jets, beating out Kellen Clemens. As per usual with all NFL news, it was Jay Glazer who broke the story about Sanchez. Apparently, the Jets coaching staff was impressed with the way he hung in after his rough start against the Ravens. After getting smacked in the mouth by Lewis, causing him to throw a pick-six interception during a check down, Sanchez maintained a level of poise long enough to lead his team on an end-of-the-first-half touchdown drive.

Granted, the Ravens had begun using second team defenders by then, but Sanchez should still be given credit for not wilting after being absolutely bum rushed early in the game. No word on whether the Jets have actually acquired a receiver — besides Jerricho Cotchery — for Sanchez to throw the ball to.

Considering the attention to defense the Jets paid this offseason, I’m expecting a number of 16-13 games, coupled with a middle of the road, 8-8/7-9 record.