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Yesterday, we reported about some additional trouble for Larry “I Love the Nightlife” Johnson who can’t seem to avoid drama when he hits the town. This time, LJ allegedly spit a drink in someone’s face and threatened to kill her boyfriend.

According to the police report:

The woman went to the nightclub with friends, including one who knew Johnson. About a week earlier, Johnson had offered to buy her a drink inside the same club, but she turned him down.

As she was leaving this time, a friend said Johnson wanted to talk to her. When she approached him, he allegedly threatened to kill her boyfriend. She asked why. He said she had said something that upset him, and since he couldn’t do anything to her, he would do it to the boyfriend.

As she backed away, Johnson allegedly took a drink and spit it out on her face. His two bodyguards tackled her, and club bouncers escorted her outside.

Apparently, the word “no” causes Johnson to lose control of himself. To clarify, after he spit a drink at her, his bodyguards tackled her because obviously, the humiliation of being spat on needs to be compounded by overzealous bodyguards. Judging by what was reported, it sounds like she was a real danger to LJ and his no-trouble-to-anyone lifestyle.

Admittedly, in the previous post discussing LJ’s stiff arm drama, it sounds like the woman is trying to capitalize on Johnson’s fame. This story, however, paints the Chiefs running back in a much worse light. Simply put, you don’t threaten to kill anyone because a girl didn’t want to be apart of the drama that follows you around.