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Larry Johnson

Apparently, the football field isn’t the only place Larry Johnson is known for stiff-arming those who get in his way. The Chiefs running back is in a little bit of legal hot water as he faces simple assault charges for allegedly using the stiff arm on a nightclub patron. Maybe she was trying to tackle him and his natural football defense mechanism took over.

The KC Star has more:

A police report supporting the charge alleged that the woman and a friend were walking through the club when Johnson moved through the crowd toward them and pushed the woman, saying, “… don’t touch me.”

The alleged victim then replied, “I didn’t touch you,” according to the report.

“Then another friend at the club stated that was Larry Johnson, a football player for the Chiefs,” the police report stated. “She notified the security guards at the club, and they did nothing.”

However, LJ’s lawyer see things a little differently:

[Kevin E.J.] Regan said an intoxicated woman did throw herself at Johnson that night but was restrained by security. He said his investigation also shows she did not make any complaints to the management, security officers or police, who were at the club that night. And even after she reported the incident to police 11 hours later, police observed no injuries, Regan said.

It sounds like someone is trying to lay the groundwork to pursue a lawsuit against Johnson; although, if this case gets thrown out — and judging by the preliminary reports, it very well could be — I’m not sure she’d have a leg to stand on. Even if she did, Johnson could just stiff arm her leg out from under her.

Allegedly, of course.