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The most talked about wide receiver on the planet heading into the Super Bowl is undoubtedly Larry Fitzgerald. When you are the best at something in the most popular sport, it’s hard to go unnoticed. Of course, when your hand-eye coordination is as good as Fitzgerald’s, catching an oblong sphere–even when it’s at full NFL speed against opposing defenders–you’d make catching passes between two defenders look easy as well.

But Fitzgerald is not just a great catcher of the ball or a snazzy dresser, he’s a complete football player. Witness the block he lays on an opposing lineman in the lead video. Unfortunately, the quality of the file isn’t that great, but you can still see the block quite clearly, provided that is indeed Fitzgerald. The video looks like it was taken at a high school game a few years ago–based on the video quality and all–so it could very well be the receiver everyone is talking about as we get ready for Super Bowl XLIII.

For now, and until I learn differently, we’ll say it is. All the better if it helps hype up his story even more.