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Now that, my friends, is the definition of getting blasted. While the video footage isn’t the greatest, you get the idea. Much to his credit, Boss hung onto the ball, even though he almost lost his head in the process. There was no flag on the play, but like Chris Collinsworth said, don’t be surprised if Arizona Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle gets fined for the hit. In Rolle’s defense, he looked he was trying to lead with his shoulder, but the hit wound up being helmet-to-helmet. Incidentally, Peter King called Boss’ catch the second-best of the season, behind Greg Lewis’ game-winner for the Minnesota Vikings.

In other news, credit must be given to the Arizona Cardinals for going on the road and giving the Giants their second loss in a row. It was also Arizona’s third win in a row, as well as their third-straight road win. To his credit, Rolle’s hit on Boss wasn’t the only play he made headlines on. He also intercepted a late fourth quarter pass from Eli Manning, which helped secure Arizona’s surprising win.