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It’s been revealed that Roger Goodell will be allowing Michael Vick to reenter his National Football League in the third week of the regular season. The Philadelphia Eagles will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on Vick’s first game back since his incarceration, giving offensive coordinator-embattled Todd Haley with even more to worry about besides the ghost of Jim Johnson and his legacy of incredible blitzing defenses he kindly left behind.

Responding to questions about his decision, Commissioner Goodell indicated Vick has shown the necessary amount of commitment to be trusted with reinstatement.

Goodell said that Vick is “Demonstrating his commitment and will use better judgment going forward. We are looking for a success story here.”

Tyson Jackson, are you ready to earn some of that rookie money when the Eagles unveil their new “gimmick” player? Make sure you keep with your contain assignments, or it could be a long, long afternoon in the City of Mike Vick Love.