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Chad Ocho Cinco

Words absolutely fail me here, but I’ll try — say goodbye to Chad Johnson. That person no longer exists, at least in the NFL. The person you once knew is now legally called Chad Ocho Cinco. That’s right folks, he legally changed his name to match the sideline stunt he pulled two seasons ago when he showed up on the sidelines with the “Ocho Cinco” in the name area. This label was peeled off before the game to reveal his then-real last name.

In lieu of the name change, are we going to see a reverse label switch? Will he come to the field with Johnson on the back of his jersey, only to have Carson Palmer remove that, revealing the new Ocho Cinco last name?

Currently, the Bengals roster, pro shop, depth chart and whatever else he’s listed on has not been updated to reflect the change, and I wonder if it ever will be — although, there’s one good thing about Johnson’s switch to the “OC” — it reduces the amount of Johnsons on the Bengals roster from four to three.

Yay for eliminating jersey confusion.

For what it’s worth, the correct way to say the number 85 in Spanish is “ochenta y cinco” and not Ocho Cinco. Essentially, the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson changed his last name to Eight Five.

I, for one, welcome our new Chad Eight Five overlord. I have a feeling it’s going to be another long season for the Bengals, but at least they have Johnson’s Eight Five’s shenanigans to distract them. Again.

Via SbB.