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It’s apparently time for the ladies of the athletic world — and Joanna Krupa — to entertain the sports world today. We started the day with Gina Carano, always a plus, and now we are moving to Joanna Krupa and her amazing mouth. Yes, she does go off on Terrell Owens, but it’s all the stuff leading up to that that makes Joanna a favorite around here. Before you go into it, it should be noted the language is decidedly past PG-13 ratings. In fact, her Richard Pryor technique might even warrant an R-rating.

You have to think now that this video has become popular, Joanna will now be immortalized for doing the one thing Owens’ teammates apparently didn’t do when he was messing with locker rooms in Dallas and Philadelphia: stood up to him and told him just how bad a teammate he was being.

Granted, this cold all be staged in a way to play off of Owens’ reputation — you know, for ratings and such? Even if that’s the case, watching (and listening to) Krupa talk in such a fashion is worth the price of admission alone. I just wish all “reality” shows would provide an uncut voice track, just to give us a better idea of how awesome the person being profiled really is. Any woman that cusses like that, and then turns the same ire towards perhaps the most controversial teammate ever, is made out of pure win.