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Jet FavreIn case you just crawled out of bed or out from under a rock, there was a trade of some significance last night — Favre to the Jets — and as expected, there is a ton of fallout to sift through. Does the trade make the Jets better? Is Chad Pennington done in New York (yes)? Are the Favre jerseys available for purchase yet?

First off, concerning the Jets getting better, the consensus looks like a no. More from CBS’ Clark Judge:

He’s not the best quarterback in the division; Tom Brady is. Favre’s receivers are not the best in the division; New England’s are. Favre’s offensive line is not the best in the division; give me New England. Give me Laurence Maroney over Thomas Jones, too, and I’ll take the New England defense over Gang Green.

Sounds like the Jets will be competing for second place in the AFC East.

What’s next for Chad Pennington, who is expected to be released this afternoon? Some say he’s Kansas City bound and considering their quarterback situation consists of the unproven Brody Croyle, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Plus Herm Edwards was his coach in New York. There are also rumblings of Pennington to Minnesota, an idea that’s sure to please Tarvaris Jackson.

As for the jerseys, yes they are on sale and according to Larry Brown Sports, Favre jerseys were available about an hour after the trade was announced. However, if you want one, you’ll have to wait because the Jets online pro shop is down.

Get them while they’re hot, indeed. While you’re at it, pick up your Jets tickets quick because every game was a sellout before the trade!

OK, what does Green Bay get from all this? A draft pick based on the performance of Favre. If they go to the Super Bowl and Favre gets 80% of the snaps, the Packers get a first-rounder. From there, if the Jets performance decreases, the pick does as well, switching to a second round pick and so on. Considering Favre’s resilience, I’d say the Packers are getting a first-round second-round pick (he may get 80% of the snaps but it’s doubtful the Jets go to the Super Bowl).

Unless something else breaks, this’ll probably be my last post on Favre today. He’s expected to join his teammates when they play the Cleveland Browns in their preseason opener tonight, but he obviously won’t be playing.