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Jerry Jones
The NFL has officially ruled on the Dallas Cowboys video monitor controversy, and, unfortunately for the anti-Jerry Jones community, Jones won. According to PFT, the “monitor” does not have to be raised, and if a punted football hits it, the “do over” rule will be applied. Simply put, if a punter hits the massive overhang, the team has to re-kick the ball. Apparently, that decision isn’t going over too well, either.

Take me away, you blockquote function, you.

“It’s laughable,” one source said regarding the decision to apply the “do over” approach if/when punts strike the monstrous, four-sided structure that hovers 90 feet over the playing surface and extends from one 20 to the other. “It’s absolute bullshit.”

The source then rattled off the various problems that can and will arise from an approach that requires a team to punt multiple times.

Perhaps the laughable thing is a kicker not being able to avoid Mitsubishi’s masterpiece of high definition. Granted, the length of most talked about monitor — perhaps ever — makes high punting problematic, but then again, it does exceed the 85-foot height requirement. Obviously, however, when that particular rule was installed, the idea of a 159 foot long monitor wasn’t considered.

Nevertheless, you can almost here Jerry Jones and his maniacal laughter, reveling in his personal triumph.