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Jerry Jones

For those of you who think Jerry Jones is an insufferable ass who should be made to raise his already NFL-legal scoreboard, the Dallas Cowboys God owner has two words for you: DeGeneration X.

For those of you unaware of D-X and the infamous saying associated with their name, see more here. Moving on, JJ doesn’t want anything to do with raising Dallas’ $40 million piece of high definition heaven. Jones thinks the video board/monitor/jumbotron (What, exactly, do you call such a monstrosity?) fine exactly where it is, regardless of whatever accommodations the stadium is making for the U2 concert.

Seeing how the monitor is five feet higher than the league’s minimum requirement, can you really blame him?

For those of you thinking Jones might relent from is position, don’t get your hopes up. Today, he received a voice of support that will probably make him dig in even deeper, and it was provided by none other than Jimmy Johnson, Jones’ old coach. Considering the bad blood that existed between these two, the fact Johnson is willing to speak out on his old boss’s behalf will only make Jones more resolute in his position. Look at it from his point of view — If someone who, at one point, supposedly hated Jones goes out of his way to offer support in a public forum, it will only make the Dallas owner even more defiant.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Jones responded to any “Raise your video board” orders from the NFL in a litigious manner. I mean, it’s not like the NFL approved the construction of the video monitor before it was installed, or whatever it is you do when you are including a 1.2 million pound, 30 million light bulb technological terror.