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Jay Glazer Tweet

You know it’s football season when you turn on sports radio stations and one of the first names you hear is Jay Glazer and his Twitter account, and if Glazer is tweeting about Brett Favre, the circle of life is complete. We’ve come all the way back to the beginning, and when you read Glazer’s tweet about Favre possibly not returning to the Minnesota Vikings this season, the feeling is one of “oh, so right.”

Sure, the Favre-a-coaster gets a little tiring, and because of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” syndrome, it’s hard to accept the Favre speculation one way or another. Perhaps the only way to protect yourself from speculation woes is to take an “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach, and nothing more.

Don’t read into the fact that Favre had perhaps his best season as a pro with the Vikings last year. Don’t read into the fact that Favre has taken us on this trip before.

If, when the season starts on September 9th, you don’t see Favre on the opposite side of the field from the defending Super Bowl champions, then you’ll know for sure whether or not he’s coming back for the 2010 season.