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Like I hinted at over at EC, apparently, the NFL Playoffs gives folks a heightened-but-false idea that since their team has to “turn it up a notch,” their affection/defense for their team needs to be increased as well.  What else can explain some of the outlandish crap that’s been going on since the Packers and Seahawks kicked off last Saturday?

By now, most of you have probably heard about the group of young adults who beat a bartender to death over an argument that started during the Green Bay game.  Well, we have another log for that fire:  in New Jersey, a 31-year old Jacksonville Jaguars fan allegedly shot a 17-year old New England Patriots game last Saturday because the Pats fan wouldn’t stop rooting for Tom Brady and company.

Apparently, the 17-year old had been warned by the shooter to stop rooting and apparently, he didn’t comply.  However, in defense of the victim (he was treated at the hospital and released), Tom Brady was 26-28 passing the ball.

“The victim was rooting for the Patriots, and the suspect, apparently rooting for the Jaguars, had forewarned the victim not to root for the Patriots anymore,” (Detective Andrew) DiElmo said. “The victim challenged him on it, the suspect pulled out a handgun, shot him in the left thigh and then fled the scene.”

Adding insult to injury, the victim was charged with possession of marijuana.  The shooter, Tomajj Coleman, is awaiting arraignment for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  He too was charged with possession of marijuana.

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