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Ever since his Keyshawn Johnson interview, every time Chad Johnson talks to ESPN, it becomes newsworthy. This time, Ocho Cinco is discussing his thoughts about remaining in Cincinnati (not excited), the Marvin Lewis incident (he had to be restrained), where he’d like to end up (a team that can win playoff games and a Super Bowl).

And look, ESPN was kind enough to provide the video:

While the Bengals front-office remains adamant about not trading Johnson (too big of a cap hit), he hasn’t given up on moving on. If he does leave, the Bengals front-office had better get the best defensive player they can. Receivers of his magnitude, excess baggage or not, don’t come around everyday.

Of course, an Ocho Cinco trade would mean one thing for the Bengals offense: Housh… as in T.J. Houshmandzadeh. You certainly don’t lose much, expect maybe the triple-threat of having Johnson, Housh, and Chris Henry on the field at the same time.