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The undeniable star of Super Bowl XLIV’s media whirlwind has been Dwight Freeney and his ankle. Yes, the biggest game the NFL has, featuring arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFL, and a defensive end and his joint connecting foot to leg is outshining it all. It helps that Freeney’s a good interview and is quite willing to offer more than just your standard, pat answers. However, if not for his damaged ankle, he’d be another cog in the wheel that is the overwhelming crush that is Super Bowl media day.

Speaking of damaged goods, apparently, Freeney’s ankle sounds like it’s doing better.

Does this mean he’s playing? Of course, the Colts won’t say, but there are even rumors of Freeney testing his ankle in the Colts’ Friday practice. Whatever the case, Freeney did not practice in today’s session.

With that in mind, do the Colts take a chance with a less-than-100-percent Freeney, or completely alter the way they’ll attack the Saints from the line of scrimmage? Of course, most of us are expecting to see him go at least one defensive possession, and naturally, tomorrow’s results will give us a better gauge. With all the talk of Freeney and his damaged ankle, I’m fully expecting Robert Mathis to have one of those MVP/Reggie White-against-the-Patriots kind of game.

It would only make sense.