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Brett Favre

I’m going back to Minny… Yeah, I think so. Or maybe not. Who knows? Hell, this is THE Brett Favre we’re talking about. Maybe he’s just on a plane to go hunting with Jared Allen. Whatever the case, Favre’s now the story of the day, again, as reports of (former) Vikings teammates traveling to Mississippi to bring their Pied Piper back to Minnesota, and now, thanks in no small part to the Twitter powers of Jay Glazer, the mainstream media is running with the “Signs Point to Favre Returning” story.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t backfire like Text Message Gate did.

While no one knows for sure what he’s doing, you can be sure the rest of your Tuesday has been officially hijacked by a plane featuring a passenger named Brett Favre. Speaking of, I took a quick look around the flight-tracking site, FlightAware.com, and the only plane I noticed leaving Biloxi was headed for Omaha. Granted, I’m not the most experienced user in the world when it comes to tracking airplanes, but I do know how to pick airports from a list of suggested results.

Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy your previously unannounced “Brett Favre Tuesday,” because, let’s face it, no one expects wants a Brett Favre takeover, especially after living through them the last two seasons or so. Just make the best of it, especially if you aren’t a Vikings fan.

Perhaps avoiding the ESPNs of the world for a day or two would help.