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Denver Broncos

If loving Denver’s yellow-black-and-brown concoction of a uniform is wrong, I don’t want to be right. The Broncos broke their nifty combination out for their surprising overtime win against the New England Patriots. While the general consensus looks like a big negative, I, for some reason, am feeling them — and no, this is not some big “jump on the Josh McDaniels bandwagon,” either. If anything, I should probably hate the Broncos considering the Immaculate Deflection happened to the team I actually root for: the Bengals. Nevertheless, I’m eschewing the norm and declaring my affection for Denver’s throwbacks.

There’s something about the blackish-brown helmets and the yellow jerseys that work for me. Not in a Pittsburgh Steelers kind of way, mind you, but I do like the combination. Oh, and in case you are wondering? Those wild-looking socks are awesome — even the ones that wrap around like a barbershop pole:

Denver Broncos

Oh, and being contrary is not the only reason I like them, either. Something about them just works for me; although, I’m in a very small minority — and you know what, I don’t care. I like them. Deal with it. Now, what does that say about me besides I do enjoy going against conventional wisdom from time to time? I also have a quirky sense when it comes to fashion, apparently.

I wonder how Bill Belichick feels about Denver’s throwbacks? I’d say he’s glad he won’t have to look at those damn things anymore this season. Good for him. Too bad for me.