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Vick Jersey

Now that’s he’s secured the starting spot for the Philadelphia Eagles, fans have responded in kind to make Mike Vick’s jersey one of the best-selling in the NFL. Color me surprised. According to Darren Rovell’s post, local Philly stores are stocking up to meet the demand, and after his performance thus far this season, Vick is apparently Philadelphia’s forgotten son. Yes, his play has improved — it’s pretty amazing what a team full of offensive weapons can do, as opposed to Alge Crumpler and a decent running game.

I am, however, getting a tad uncomfortable with the incredible amounts of cannoning going on with Vick, who’s being treated like royalty — if not the second coming — by the folks at ESPN and other outlets. If I have to hear anymore about tales of redemption, I might scream.

Yes, folks deserve a second chance, but we shouldn’t forget what it was that made the second chance necessary to begin with.

Do we champion non-athletic-stud convicted fighting dog breeders who turn over new leafs? Do we even know of any to champion? I highly doubt it, and that’s why all of this rings a little hollow to me. The only reason folks like Jemele Hill are being so forgiving is because Vick’s ability to dazzle on the field, not because they believe he deserves redemption. If Vick’s considerable skill had decreased noticeably, so much so he couldn’t land an NFL job, instead of improving like they have, he’d but just another dog killer no one cares about.

Hell, even Arthur Blank got in on the “Yay, Mike Vick” fun. Apparently, finding Matt Ryan to save your franchise forgives a lot of previous ills Vick was responsible for.

As it stands, we now have to listen to Michael Wilbon on PTI screaming about Vick being the MVP of the league. I guess as long as his athletic ability continues to astound, people will simply overlook the choices he made before his tale of “redemption” began.

Clearly, the only thing O.J. Simpson lacked after his infamous “not guilty” verdict was a sweet NFL comeback. There’s no telling what his Q-rating would be if Simpson would’ve came back and rushed for 2000 yards. Maybe even higher than Vick’s.