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Urinal Mouth

As the Super Bowl gets closer and closer, some fans include sexually-related items, gifts and wagers as part of the celebration. I guess there’s something about the biggest football game in the world bringing out the wilder side for football fans, especially the female fans. There are tamer events, like winning Adriana Lima for the Super Bowl as part of a Victoria’s Secret marketing ploy and the woman who auctioned herself off as a Super Bowl date. The winner got to take her as a date to the Super Bowl, although, I don’t think anything romantic was allowed.

Of course, there was the Razzy rack wager (NSFW), but that was for a regular season game. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is the freaks can and do come out for big football games like the Super Bowl–or, in the case of Razzy, big games which include the Dolphins. Case in point, this Craigslist entry, discovered by Barstool Sports.

Words pretty much fail me:

BBW girl looking to fulfill superbowl fantasy. i would like to be dressed in the team you do not want to win clothes or hat…(or you can write the other teams name on my forehead). Then, every time you get agitated about the game, make me lick your balls and piss on me….the most humiliating thing you can think of. A group of guys would be even better. Sick fantasy i know but whose UP for it?

whoever can come up with the most humiliating, hottest thing gets my attention.

Well, then. I think that just about covers it. If you want to explore your piss-and-poop fantasies during the biggest football game of the year, Craiglist (and Little Miss Bubbly BBW) has you covered–or in this case, will allow you to cover her.