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Hines Ward

Maybe it’s hot in Latrobe, or perhaps he isn’t happy about the help he’ll have at receiver. Perhaps he’s ticked at Roethlisberger’s offseason decision-making abilities, but whatever the case, Hines Ward is all about business. Serious business. See that face?

Serious. Business.

According to reports, the Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to get back to a smash mouth, pound it at the defense running team — again — and considering the departure of Santonio Holmes, the firing of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, and a lack of eye-catching receivers on the roster, save perhaps Ward, it’s easy to see why a change in offensive philosophy is in order.

The question is, does their current group of running backs; Rashard Mendenhall, Mewelde Moore, rookie Jonathan Dwyer; as well as lesser-known players like Stefan Logan, Isaac Redman, Frank Summers, and Justin Vincent; inspire one to think of a devastating, control-the-ball offense? Does Pittsburgh have the offensive line to block like such a running game will need? The Willie Colon injury will have a lot to say about that answer.

However, when you consider their best passer will not be playing for a few games once the season starts — although, there’s a chance that could change — the Steelers have little choice but to have an effective running game. Good thing they have “Serious Business” Hines blocking for them on the outside.