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Hines Ward

After essentially throwing his quarterback under the bus during an interview with Bob Costas prior to the Pittsburgh/Baltimore game, receiver Hines Ward has apologized for his remarks, saying he shouldn’t have reacted emotionally. Not only did Ward apologize to Ben Roethlisberger in private, he also posted it on his Facebook account in order to further legitimize his capitulation.

“So the moral of this story is not to do an interview based off of emotions and I made that mistake and I have apologized to Ben for that. Ben and I are cool and always will be. We will not let this come between us, our talk was very productive.”

If the Steelers want to salvage the defense of their most recent Super Bowl title, they’ll need to move past this little “incident” rather quickly. Currently, their record is 6-5, which has them on the AFC Wild Card bubble. A contentious relationship between the quarterback and one his star receivers could very easily damage whatever playoff-salvaging attempts this team has going forward.

Granted, the Steelers’ upcoming record is not the toughest in the NFL (three of their last remaining five opponents are the Cleveland Browns, the Oakland Raiders and the Miami Dolphins), but just like the Kansas City Chiefs proved, even the lower-tiered, sub-.500 teams have a shot “upsetting” the defending champs.