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Chad Johnson

Guess who showed up at camp yesterday? If you said a disgruntled-but-talented receiver who would be much better served by closing the hole under his nose and just kept playing the Pro Bowl-level football he’s been producing these last three-or-four seasons, you’d be correct.

And no, you haven’t been sent back in time to relive the Terrell Owen/Philadelphia Eagles shenanigans all over again, either.

Nope, it’s still 2008 and the person I’m talking about is, of course, Chad Johnson. That’s right. Just like he said he would, Ocho Cinco showed up at the Cincinnati Bengals mandatory camp yesterday and judging by the various reports, he was pretty quiet about the whole ordeal. Oh well. Give it time. He’ll be talking again about being mistreated and wanting traded really soon.

It’s almost inevitable.

Anyway, according to the Cincy Jungle blog, Johnson participated in drills but did not practice. I guess he’s pretty familiar with Carson Palmer already, but if he’s planning on playing for Bengals this fall, maybe he could try making some some amends with his quarterback. You know, the guy responsible for getting him the ball…

Oh yeah, apologizing to his fans wouldn’t hurt either.