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Herm Edwards

After losing yet another close game, this time to the Miami Dolphins, 38-31, Herm Edwards revealed his mastery of all that’s obvious by saying:

“We just can’t finish.”

To which I say, “No joke, Herm? You really can’t mean that after posting losing scores like these:”

* 22-21 to San Diego (Week 15)
* 24-17 to Denver (Week 14)
* 20-19 to San Diego (Week 10)
* 30-27 to Tampa Bay (Week 9)
* 28-24 to the New York Jets (Week 8 )
* 17-10 to New England (Week 1)

That’s six losses by a total of a total of 23 points, or 5.7 points a game. If the Chiefs win only half of those contests, Edwards’ record with a team being rebuilt through the draft would be much easier to defend. As it stands, a potential 2-14 record, coupled with questionable roster decisions, makes the defense of giving Edwards more time a much harder bill of goods to sell.