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Kendra and Hank

Hank Baskett just basket caught the most popular Hugh Hefner cast-off available by securing an engagement to Kendra Wilkinson. Apparently, the two love birds got engaged on top of Seattle’s Space Needle, an odd place seeing how Baskett plays for the Philadelphia Eagles — although, the Eagles just finished playing the Seahawks, so that explains what they were doing there.

Coastal games like the Seattle game only help the couple, as they live on opposite sides of the country. According to the New York Daily News, the two use Skype to keep their relationship going:

The couple live on separate coasts, but keep in, uh, touch via online video connector Skype. According to Wilkinson, it’s “way better than phone sex.”

I’m guessing the video conference option gets used a lot when these two are communicating.

I can’t wait until that particular video leaks.

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t look like Wilkinson wants to simply be a NFL WAG. She has ambitions of her own. According to her Wikipedia, the former model would like to either be a massage therapist or the next Erin Andrews. Let me guess: Her ideal job would be sideline reporter for the Eagles, right? But what happens if these two don’t work?

Talk about awkward.