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Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson was a beast against the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday. 24 carries for 228 yards and two touchdowns has a way of receiving such a designation, not to mention doing so during the team’s first win of the season. However, during one of Johnson’s touchdown scampers, CBS play-by-play ace, Gus Johnson, made a questionable comparison of Johnson’s blazing speed.

“Watch out! He’s got ‘getting away from the cops’ speed.”

Now, while I find such a phrase worthy of a smile, some will undoubtedly be offended by the “racial overtones” of Johnson’s call. I’m sorry, are NFL running backs the only folks who run from cops? Are white people not allowed to have “getting away from the cops” speed? Yes, I get the implication — if you decide to look at it that way — a young black male with blazing speed should be compared to something other than police evasion. But folks, people run from the cops. Not just ridiculously talented running backs who happen to be black.

Don’t you think the guy with the meth lab wouldn’t appreciate being as fast as Johnson, especially when said meth lab/trailer gets raided?

For me, it’s much ado about nothing. Johnson made a fantastic football play and announcer Johnson got a little exuberant in describing the skill on display. It’s not the first time Gus Johnson’s been excited after a play and I certainly hope it won’t be the last. With all that in mind, I’d expect an apology from Gus any day now.