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We’ve all heard Gus Johnson’s “controversial” call of Chris Johnson’s 52-yard scamper by now, and apparently, at least somebody was predictably offended. As I mentioned in the comments of the initial post, the level of PC-itude in the US almost dictates such a followup from Johnson. Oddly enough, the best play-by-play man in broadcasting — Sorry, that’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. — used a similar analogy as I did in his apology; although, he wasn’t quite as colorful as I was. Damn political correctness.

First, Johnson’s apology:

“If there is a perception of racism in this analogy, it is not coming from me. People of all races have run from the law. However, to those who are offended, I apologize.”

I, too, used the “people of all races have run from the law” explanation, saying, “Don’t you think the guy with the meth lab wouldn’t appreciate being as fast as Johnson, especially when said meth lab/trailer gets raided?” Great minds and all that. It’s just unfortunate that an apology had to be made in the first place. If someone was up-in-arms about Johnson’s innocuous quote, perhaps it’s time for a little introspection as a way of pinpointing what causes them to react with such a level of sensitivity.

Does being that thin-skinned actually benefit your life? Or is this a case of “if I’m going to be miserable, everybody else will be, too?”