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Westbrook Touchdown

There was a lot to digest after last night’s heavyweight slugfest between the Eagles and Cowboys. Things like DeSean Jackson’s brilliance, the lack of defense displayed by both teams, the lack of Jessica Simpson coverage (was she even in attendance?), Tony Romo’s ascension up the good quarterbacks ladder, TO’s touchdowns, Brian Westbrook’s freaky ability as a dual-threat and Marion Barber’s awesomeness are just some of the things that stood out.

But what about the Eagles? Just how good is this team? Can they win the NFC East and perhaps get back to the Super Bowl?

One thing’s for sure — Donovan McNabb is looking like he’s one of the top quarterbacks in the league again. He looks stronger than ever and he can still absolutely heave the ball down the field with a lot of accuracy. Just ask DeSean about McNabb’s arm. Not only that, but McNabb’s elusiveness is back and to some folks, he looks even faster than before.

Just ask DeMarcus Ware:

“I think he’s gained a step, to tell you the truth,” Ware said. “I used to catch him, but now I think he got a little bit looser in his wheels.”

While the McNabb resurgence is most certainly on, what about the rest of his team? Do they have enough to continue playing at such a high level on offense? Granted, two of his top receivers — Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown — haven’t played a down yet, but that’s been a non-factor because of Jackson and Westbrook.

To wit, in two games, the Eagles have already scored 75 points. Granted, 38 of those came against the hapless Rams, but they weren’t playing the Rams last night. So again, where do the Eagles stand?

The Renaissance of Donovan McNabb notwithstanding, the Eagles look like a team that could certainly make it to the conference finals, provided the defense plays a little better than it did last night. On the other hand, the Eagles won’t have to play such a prolific offense every game either.

Here’s some more food for thought: just how good will the Eagles offense be if Brown and Curtis make it back on the field at full strength? As for the defense, having watched the Eagles for a few years now, you certainly don’t expect them to give up 41 points in a game, no matter who they play. But then again, when you play teams with such explosive offenses — something the Eagles won’t do until the rematch with Dallas in the last game of the season (unless you count the Giants) — you can get hit by the occasional 41-point buzz saw.