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After Jericho Cotchery made that amazing catch against the Patriots last night, I’ve seen this subject around the Twitter and other blogs asking which catch was better: David Tyree’s in the Super Bowl or Cotchery’s? Obviously, Tyree’s had a lot more on the line than a regular season conference match up, but that doesn’t degrade Cotchery’s catch either.

So which one was better? First, Tyree’s:

Now Cotchery’s:

It’s obvious both catches were spectacular, with luck playing a part as well. But how do you determine which is better? Do you stick to the game situation when making such a choice? If that’s the case, Tyree wins hands down, strictly because his catch was paramount for the Giants to have a chance to beat the Patriots.

But what if you are limited to judging each catch based solely on the difficulty, ignoring game situations and the like? Would Tyree still be the choice?