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Romo's Shoulder

The sad/bad news for Dallas Cowboys fans is also bad news for Tony Romo owners in fantasy football. Tony Romo’s broken clavicle not only breaks the rest of the Cowboys’ season — more than likely, anyway — he’s also caused a massive trend with the fantasy waiver. As of this posting, according to Yahoo Sports’ fantasy football page, there have already been 9404 adds of John Kitna and 12702 drops of Romo.

Clearly, even when their most recognizable player gets hurt, the Cowboys still move the needle. Of course, a major injury to a popular fantasy football starter has that effect.

As a non-Cowboy hater (not a fan, though), I’m not interested in kicking the franchise while its down. The same goes for Romo. Injuries in sports suck, even if it’s for a team people are currently loving to hate. Currently, Romo is expected to miss 6-8 weeks, and his teammates fully expect him to play again this season:

“Anybody who knows what kind of work ethic this guy has there’s no question,” Witten said. “People doubt him in many ways … but that guy is a fighter. He’ll bounce back.”

Granted, that could be a teammate who’s trying to make the best of a crappy situation, but it would be surprising if Romo doesn’t find his way back onto the field before the season ends. The question is, will the Cowboys have anything to play for by then?