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A word of advice: When being investigated by the Federal Government, it’s important to tell the truth, especially if they are giving you a polygraph test. Apparently, Vick failed their lie-detector test, which led to his longer sentence, handed down yesterday.

The Atlanta Constitutional Journal has more:

U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson sentenced the suspended Falcons quarterback to 23 months in prison for his role in a dogfighting operation – a term at least five months longer than what Vick would have received had he been truthful…

During that interview an FBI polygrapher found Vick was being deceptive in denying he killed dogs. After Vick’s lawyer, Billy Martin, was told this, he asked Vick about the failed test. At that moment, Martin told Hudson, Vick broke down.

“I did it all,” Vick said, Martin related. “I did everything. If you need me to say more, I’ll say more.”

Additionally, the judge found that Vick lied about testing positive for marijuana in September.

Apparently, Number 7 thought he needed to wind down after a grueling day of being investigated… Oh yeah, I’m sure some of you heard Arthur Blank mention he’d be open to the idea of Vick returning to the Falcons after he’s paid his dues during the Monday Night Football broadcast last night. Shortly after Tony Kornheiser brought this up, Blank offered some compelling thoughts in his rebuttal. And by “compelling,” I mean “not thought out at all.”