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Brett Favre Jerseys

Reebok has released information concerning the best-selling jerseys in the NFL, along with a map showing the proliferation of said jerseys. Not surprisingly, the highest-selling jersey belongs to Brett Favre, however, what I found surprising are the different states expressing their love for Minnesota’s carpetbagger. The fact that Favre has the northern states locked down is not unexpected; although, seeing him having the most popular jersey in a state like Florida is.

In fact, Favre has the most popular jersey in states like Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana (over folks like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne), Oklahoma, Colorado (over the Broncos), Utah and Nevada.

The large amount of Minnesota Vikings fans throughout the United States is surprising. I’m tempted to follow that sentence with a “Yeah, right” because we all know a lot of these folks are simply jumping on the Favre bandwagon and have as much loyalty to the Vikings as I do the Louisville Cardinals:

That is to say, none.

Of course, according to the map, the state of Alaska is populated by Pittsburgh Steelers fans — well, fans of Troy Polamalu and his pure sex head of hair, anyway — so who knows what kinds of conclusions you can make from this data. There is one that comes to mind, however: The NFL is populated by a large amount of bandwagon jumpers.

H/t to TBL for the find.