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And with that, the NFL is pretty much back. I say “pretty much” because it’s still preseason, but when videos of fake punts for touchdowns comprise the majority of the “welcome back from the weekend” posts for lots of blogs, it’s a good indicator football is now here. If you want some particulars about the play, we’ve got them, too.

Tennessee Titans rookie A.J. Trapasso, making his first appearance in an NFL game, pulled a hide-the-ball fake punt, and took the resulting defensive misdirection as an opportunity to score a 40-yard touchdown. And he did.

The Titans held on to beat the Buffalo Bills, 21-18, and it was Trapasso’s ability to sell a fake punt that helped his team secure a much-needed preseason win. Wait, what? Sorry, all that play-fake excitement caused me to jump the gun there. Not only were we treated to a nifty fake out, we also got see the return of Vince Young. Did Young silence any of doubters? Save for a decent-looking touchdown pass after a Buffalo muffed punt, not so much.

In his first three series, the Texas ex was 1 of 5 for 13 yards and an interception, nearly dropped a shotgun snap, and looked hesitant running the ball when he was easily caught from behind by rookie linebacker Nic Harris.

If this is considered Young’s first step towards realizing his Hall of Fame prediction, it’s going to be a long trek.