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We all saw it. Brett Favre: Knee Hunter. Whether it was an intentional (foul?) shot at the knees or not, it looked plenty dirty, and in today’s knee-jerk world, that’s almost enough for a guilty verdict, regardless of Favre’s history of non-dirty play. For what it’s worth, Favre did apologize after the game, although, I think his words might have fallen on deaf ears, at least in regards to the player Favre went unnecessarily low on, Eugene Wilson.

“I don’t have too much to say about it,” Wilson said. “I didn’t speak to him about it, to see if it was on purpose or not.” Asked what he would say to Favre, Wilson said: “What was up with that? Seriously, what was up with that?” Wilson then admitted that the conversation wouldn’t have been that cordial. “I’m being a little nicer than I probably would’ve been out there if I spoke to him,” he said.

Wilson said he thinks his knee will be OK and that it doesn’t appear to be too serious right now. Asked if he wanted to return and take a shot at Favre, Wilson responded: “No comment.”

That “no comment” sounds an awful lot like a “yes” to me.