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Eric Berry

Much to the amazement of non-KC fans everywhere, the Chiefs did something good with their first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Instead of going for a mundane entrance into the pool, the Chiefs went for the big splash by drafting Eric Berry, a player who, to many, represented one of the best available players, regardless of need. Bonus: The Chiefs need(ed) help at the safety position, and with no offense to Earl Thomas, Berry was (Is?) the best available at the position.

Granted, the Chiefs need help on the offensive line, as well as trying to find an offensive player capable of helping Matt Cassel, but a player of Berry’s ability can and should have more impact than a Dez Bryant or C.J. Spiller — at least for the Chiefs.

Some of the guys are Fanhouse were at the draft, and they managed to snag an interview with the Kansas City-bound Berry, and it’s easy to see he can’t wait to begin his NFL career.

Chiefs fans, it would be wise to embrace one of the best overall players in the 2010 Draft, because it definitely looks like he’s embracing the idea of playing for your city.