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After eviscerating the New England Patriots last night to the tune of 371 yards, five touchdowns and a perfect passer rating, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew “Breesus” Brees has the air of a most valuable player around him today. Rightfully so. The offensive display Brees and his Saints put on the Patriots signaled a proverbial passing of the torch as the Saints took over the mythical “feared team” moniker away from Tom Brady and his crew. Two seasons ago, it was Brady on the giving side of these types of offensive beatdowns as they rolled to an 18-0 record and a Super Bowl appearance.

Obviously, New Orleans coach Sean Payton learned a thing or two watching the 2007 Patriots absolutely roll their way through the regular season and he has his Saints in a position to do the same. The question going forward is, with only five games remaining on their schedule, are Drew Brees and company going to be able to finish the regular season with an unblemished record?

If online polls of hometown fans are any indicator — and how can they not be — the Saints will be perfect when the regular season ends. The remaining schedule for the Saints looks like so:

@ Washington Redskins
Win, but the ‘Skins have been playing better lately. Could be a trap game.

@ Atlanta Falcons
With a healthy Matt Ryan and Michael Turner, this game represents a legitimate tiger trap.

Versus Dallas Cowboys
If the Saints are going to lose at home, Dallas is the kind of team that to do it.

Versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Saints roll.

@ Carolina Panthers
The Panthers of old would probably win this game, but with Jake Delhomme giving the ball away at such an alarming rate, the Saints will roll here, too — provided they don’t decide to “rest” their starters for the playoffs.

As of this post, I’m going to put the Saints down for one loss, and that’s probably coming from either Dallas or Atlanta — way to go out on a limb, I know — but that matters not in the big picture because the Saints will still have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and as they showed against the Patriots, they are damn hard to beat in the Superdome.