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It’s like watching Poison and Kip Winger having a fight. In other news, Domata is about the only bright spot about last night’s game, especially from the perspective of a Bengals fan. Yes, Terrell Owens did some nice things, but when Jordan Shipley dropped that 4th down pass, TO’s touchdowns really didn’t matter. With the Peko’s hit, at least I can enjoy watching Polamalu get knocked on his ass over and over again.

Hey, as someone who’s been known to root for the Bengals — having a hard time saying the word “fan” — you take what you can get.

Oh, TO ran over a security guard, so there’s that, too:


Courtesy of you know who

So yeah, are the Steelers the best team in the league? Or do the Eagles and the Giants have a dog in that fight? One thing’s for sure: It sure as hell isn’t the freaking Cincinnati Bengals.