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Detroit Fans

Detroit Lions fans can breath a sigh of relief thanks to Jay Glazer, who is still outworking Chris Mortensen. Glazer broke the news the Lions have relieved Millen of duty following Bill Ford, Jr’s “vote of confidence.” According to Glazer, it is unsure whether or not Millen stepped down or was fired. Nevertheless, Lions fans are undoubtedly dancing in the streets in light of the news. This is something they’ve wanted for some time now, as the upcoming gallery demonstrates.

No more wide receiver drafts and no more “staying the course,” either. Considering Millen’s 31-84 record, one wonders about the course he was committed to. Nevertheless, it’s fresh start for Lions fans, who at least allowed themselves to have “fun” with their football team’s ineptitude while Millen was large and in charge.

Detroit Billboard
Billboards are a great way to get your message across

Community action should be rewarded

Detroit Hockey Fans
Hockey fans get in on the fun

Fire Millen Poster Fire Millen Shirt Fire Snow man
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I would imagine these guys are partying like no other.